Censorship and Censorship Resistance

People in the blockchain space often talk about censorship and censorship resistance. It is often claimed that censorship resistance is one of the key properties that decentralized, blockchain systems can provide at a level not possible with previous technologies. But exactly what is censorship resistance?

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Toz Retires

So I said I wanted to start my own blog, and my husband, J.K. gave me some lame excuse to use his, like I couldn’t be trusted with my own, like I wasn’t responsible enough for my own blog, like raising our kids to adulthood, knowing where the dog is, and being his wife wasn’t prerequisite enough… so… to prove his point, I quit my job, quit NP school and quit taking my meds.

What does all this have to do with cryptocurrency? Oh yeah, I took over our portfolio and began trading.

I don’t know why I ever thought I could be a nurse. I passed the psychopath test, first try. I have a deeply honed hatred for my fellow man, and can’t even sit beside of people in a movie theater, why would I have EVER thought I could be a nurse? So maybe I will be better at this. I’ll let you know.